Our Company


Total Green Recycling (TGR) is an innovative, efficient and service driven enterprise. We are committed to providing sustainable solutions to environmental issues, natural resource depletion and waste generation. Our business strategy & core focus is on developing innovative, local, cost-effective and environmentally responsible recycling solutions for material waste streams. Our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure that Total Green Recycling is always striving to deliver the world’s best recycling services and solutions.

Incorporated on the 2nd of June 2008, Total Green Recycling specializes specifically in the recycling of electronic waste and obsolete electronic products by capturing these waste streams and processing them in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

TGR was foundered by Michael and James Coghill who are Executive Directors of the company and have the vision, desire and stewardship to hand our environment to following generations in a healthy and vibrant state. In addition they are Life Members of the XL Foundation which is a global network of entrepreneurs and leaders committed to achieving World Wide Wealth for all by eliminating poverty and creating prosperity globally by 2020.

Our Mission


“Total Green Recycling is committed to providing global and sustainable solutions to environmental issues and natural resources depletion through sustainable innovation of environmentally responsible recycling processes.”



Be Responsible

Choose who you recycle your E-waste with carefully, in order to prevent being held accountable for unethical disposal you need to ensure what downstream processes are being employed by your E-waste recycler, this is your responsibility.

For someone you can trust and who will guarantee ethical recycling, come and see the team at Total Green Recycling!  We don’t ship E-Waste all over the world for processing and we will work with your organization to incorporate recycled materials back into your business materials stream.