Total Green becomes a Blancco Silver Partner

Total Green Recycling is proud to announce we have become a Blancco ITAD silver partner!

Safe and Secure data destruction is pivotal to business in today’s data heavy world. Blancco data erasure is the world leader when it comes to data destruction. It is recommended by more than 15 government agencies and leading testing organizations worldwide.

Being a silver partner means Total Green Recycling and our customers have access to extra support, and it also highlights the extra training and certification we’ve undergone to become certified Blancco operators and recognised as a Silver ITAD Partner (ITAD = IT Asset Disposition)

At Total Green Recycling we have access to various forms of data destruction, which you can read about here: Safe and Secure Data Destruction

However our preferred option is using Blancco Drive Eraser, as it provides a superior chain of custody and evidence reporting methodology with a serialised certificate and data erasure report for each and every drive that is processed.

The secondary benefit of using Blancco is that the successfully erased drives that are still in good health and condition can then be safely reused, offering the potential for cost savings to our clients.

Recycling hard drives for the precious materials used to make them is a very important step in its life cycle, however at Total Green Recycling we aim to extend that life cycle as long as possible.

Our process for IT Asset Disposition is helping hundreds of IT departments to streamline their disposal process, satisfy data destruction policy requirements and reduce the overall cost of IT disposal and e-waste recycling. Customers also benefit from the knowledge that they are supporting more sustainable methods for IT management across the product lifecycle for assets leaving their working environment. Request a free quote  and one of our staff members can talk to you about what form of data destruction is going to best meet the needs of your organization.