How to remove data and reset your iPhone

Before you sell, give away or recycle your mobile phone, be sure to remove your personal data. In this blogpost, you will learn how to backup your data, remove the data from your phone and reset the phone to be ready for donation or sale.

Research has shown that one of the biggest obstacles to us gifting, selling or recycling our phones and computers is a concern about our privacy.
This makes sense. Our e-devices contain our private information such as numbers, emails, photos, apps, and in some cases comprehensive information about our location and spending habits.

If your phone is still working follow the steps below to learn how to manage your information.

No longer working phone

In case your device no longer switches on, try these steps to bring your mobile phone to life:

  • Try charging your phone with a different cable.
  • Try charging via USB.
  • Try force restarting your iPhone.

For more detail description of how to try to revive your phone following steps in this article: My iPhone won’t turn on.

In case this doesn’t work, it might be worth visiting your local IT repair company and see if they can professionally recover your data.

How to remove data from iPhone

1) Back up

You can back up your data to Apple’s iCloud or to your computer.

2) Disconnect

Disconnect any Apple-paired devices that are connected to your phone. Such as Apple Watch.
Log out of any accounts such as iCloud, iTunes and the App Store. This will remove your phone from Find my iPhone.

3) Reset

The final important step is to Erase All content and Settings. This allows you to erase all settings, apps and content in just a few minutes.

If you need further help, contact Apple Support.

Donate or resell for reuse

Now your phone is ready to be donated or sold for reuse. We have developed a range of services to help you with these options.

We are regularly supporting charitable organisations directly such as Hello Initiative or GIVIT with refurbished devices donations as well as monthly financial support to International Schools Partnership Uganda.

No longer functioning electronics can be taken for recycling in your nearest drop-off location.

If you’re unable to remove your data for any reason, contact us here to get a quote for us to wipe your data. We’re experts and do it every day.

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