Lifecycle Partnership Program helping to fix your IT issues

Total Green Recycling is excited to announce the launch of our Lifecycle Partnership Program. We designed this program as a solution to the IT problem many organisations struggle with. Living in a fast paced world with new software and new hardware makes our electronics obsolete at a rapid rate. We don’t want old electronics with sensitive data, clogging up your IT storeroom, or ending up in landfill. Companies upgrade their computer systems more regularly than the general public, due to their increased software needs and security needs. A computer upgrade doesn’t mean these electronics should be discarded. However for organisations, the job of giving these computers a second life is time consuming, difficult and probably not very cost effective.

We have designed secure cages to store inside offices. Unused, obsolete or broken electronics can be locked away in our cages, protecting valuable items and keeping sensitive data safe. These electronics are then collected by our team.  Security is paramount. Keeping your data safe and secure is our number one priority. The data is wiped securely, using the highest standards of data security software. These items are then free to have a second life.

Computers that pass through Asset Recovery, can often hold residual value. Once the hard drive, data and/or sensitive information has been securely destroyed it may just need to be fixed, or cleaned, before being resold. With our lifecycle partnership program, we strive to maximise this value and present our customers with the opportunity to recover some of this value from the assets that they have already paid good money for. Essentially buying working electronics from your company, but doing all the leg work on our end. Think of it like the 10c per glass bottle refund. 

We extend the useful life of equipment with detailed testing, repair and refurbishment process. Thereby limiting physical waste, wasted resources, and moving closer to the circular economy. 

Alongside the environmental impact, there is a social element. Electronics that might seem too slow to the average user, can receive an upgrade to speed it up and be donated to help disadvantaged people, that might not have as much access to necessary electronics. Having access to a phone and computer is a necessity in today’s society, and we have the perfect opportunity to get second hand computers into the hands that need them.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your business install a cage in your office, contact

3 thoughts on “Lifecycle Partnership Program helping to fix your IT issues

  1. I have one old laptop that i would like to get rid of but want it given to somewhere it can be re-used as mentioned in the article above.

    I also have a lot of ewaste cords/old phones/old speakers etc that i’m unsure what to do with.

    We aren’t a big business just run a handyman business from home so wondered how best to deal with this collection i’ve been putting together.

  2. Great to hear that you are making maximum use of electronic equipment and helping disadvantaged people operate in the electronic world. Well done!

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