Total Green COVID-19 update

Total Green update on COVID-19 situation

To our valued customers, contractors and partners, We’d like to let you know, we’re still operating. Our primary focus during these unprecedented times is the health and safety of our employees, customers and service providers. As we continue to monitor the situation closely, we are taking actions and precautions throughout our entire business. These are based on recommendations from the Australian government and the World Health Organisation. TGR understands the importance of doing what we

New e-waste education for WA schools

MEDIA RELEASE PUBLISH ON 20th March 2020 Perth, 19th March 2020 In early March, the established WA’s e-waste recycler commenced delivering a series of ten (10) workshops aimed at educating the youth about the growing importance of correct dealing with expired electronics. Total Green Recycling (TGR) has been awarded a grant from the WA Waste Authority to run a set of e-educational workshops for schools around Perth. “E-waste, as the world’s fastest-growing waste stream, has

WA councils e-waste recycling statistics for 2019 per capita

TOP e-waste recycling councils in WA per capita for 2019

These are the statistics you’ve all been asking for! In the first table, you can see how well respective councils collected e-waste taking into consideration the number of people living in the council. In the second table, you can see the same data displayed purely by the volume of e-waste received from each council in 2019 and recycled by TGR. Thank you to all the councils that recycled with us in 2019. What if I

4 ways to reduce your e-waste carbon footprint

4 ways to reduce your e-waste carbon footprint

FACT: 1.46 billion smartphones were sold in 2017.*It is estimated that if the raw materials of these phones were recycled, they could be worth up to $11.5 billion. Electronic waste is growing at three times the rate of general household waste in Australia. Here in WA, we produce around 25kg of electronic waste each every year. Yet, over 63% of our electronics end up in our landfills. (Learn Why we need to ban e-waste from