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MEDIA RELEASE: Total Green Recycling moves to a new location and towards circular economy

MEDIA RELEASE PUBLISH ON 15th October 2019 Perth, 14th October 2019 After eleven (11) years of continued growth the WA owned family business, Total Green Recycling (TGR), has once again expanded its operations. This time moving into two (2) separate facilities and moving for the 7th time! The new recycling facility is now located in Welshpool where most of WA councils deliver collected e-waste from several drop-off points around Perth and regional WA. Total Green

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What is e-waste?

Do you know what the term e-waste stands for? If not, don’t worry!  Many Australians don’t know what the term e-waste means despite it being an integral part of our everyday lives. What does e-waste mean? All electronics that are no longer functional and are beyond repair are considered “electronic waste” otherwise known as e-waste. E-waste is basically anything with a plug, battery or cord that is at the end of its useful life. It

WA’s e-waste recycling statistics for September 2019

In September we recycled 48,904 electronic items and recovered 527 wheelie bins of materials. Our recycling numbers are lower for the month of August and September due to our move to a new recycling facility. Top 10 performing councils in WA Congratulations to our TOP e-waste recycling champions in September 2019! 1) City of Stirling = 43.9 T 2) City of Bunbury = 14.9 T 3) City of Cockburn = 8.7 T 4) City of

TGR at the Waste & Recycle Conference 2019

“Whose WARR is it anyway?” was the theme at this year’s Waste & Recycle 2019 Conference. The Conference, hosted by the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR), Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER), and Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA), is the leading waste and resource recovery event in Western Australia. “It’s not a war! Waste is a symptom of an economic system that needs changing!”   This was the message