Ex-Government computers providing new job opportunities for Perth’s Aboriginal communities

Last month, GIVIT coordinated the donation of 40 computers to Ngalla Maya Aboriginal Corporation in Belmont – from Welshpool-based e-waste business Total Green Recycling. The family-run business sourced 20 of the computers from the WA Department of Finance, part of the recycled and recovered 2,356 tonnes of e-waste from 500,000 items over the past year! Total Green Recycling has partnered with GIVIT to find eligible and worthy recipients for technology donations on behalf of their

WA’s e-waste recycling statistics for December 2019

Here are your monthly e-waste statistics brought to you by the largest recycler in Western Australia. In December we recycled 38,983 items and recovered 135,410 Kg of materials. The number of commodities is lower this month due to our secondary shredder unfortunate breakdown. We kept remaining material aside and will run it through our shredder after its repaired. Our IT Asset Management branch refurbished 1,235 items. Top 10 performing councils in WA Congratulations to our

TGR in 2019 – Looking back

The year 2019 has marked another significant milestone in the company’s history. We won our first grant and moved our facility for the seventh time. The minister for environment Stephen Dawson came to visit and we bought an exciting new optical sorter. In December 2018 we successfully renewed our accreditations ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 5377:2013 once again. January 2019 At the beginning of the new year, we shoot a video with our director James who

Recycling e-waste process

What does the process of recycling e-waste look like

This is the video you’ve been all waiting for! Hundreds of people have toured our facility this and past year. If you haven’t been one of them, this is your chance to join us for a virtual tour and learn what does the process of recycling e-waste look like. We’re about to show you how 200,000 kilograms of e-waste gets recycled right here in this facility in Perth every single month. Stage 1 – Sorting