TGR in 2018 – The Year of Success

The year 2018 was a big one for us. There were challenges we have never endured before but also successes we haven’t even dreamed of back in 2008 when we started the business. At the beginning of the year, we completed our move and set up a new bigger and better e-waste recycling warehouse in Kewdale at 26 Miles Road. Marking our sixth move in 10 years. Yes, you’ve heard us right, sixth! The War

National Television and Computer Recycling scheme explained

The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) was brought in 2011 by the Australian government. It’s an extended producer responsibility scheme which means that producers and importers (companies like Dell, Microsoft, Apple) of the products such as laptops, computers, televisions become responsible for disposal of these products at the end of their life. In any year, an importer or manufacturer is liable if they imported or manufactured more than a unit threshold amount during

How to properly dispose of e-waste such as old TVs with leaded glass

What is electronic waste (e-waste) Electronic waste, commonly known as E-waste, is anything electrical or battery-operated. E-waste should not be disposed of in your rubbish or recycling bin or sent to landfill. Continue reading to find out why.  Why to recycle Electronic items contain non-renewable resources such as tin, nickel, zinc, aluminium, copper and small amounts of precious metals. They also contain hazardous materials including lead, mercury, and cadmium. Sending these products to landfill means

Donating consoles for kids

TGR donates refurbished gaming consoles to kids in need

This week we were proud to be able to help and donate refurbished gaming consoles to The Pantry WA. Thanks to Dave, Kevin & the team at Dreamlife Church, with their help we have managed to collect and refurbish fourteen gaming consoles which will be donated to 14 lucky kids this Christmas! Dave takes an extra care with wrapping gift packages for kids coming from dissadvantaged families around Perth.  We look forward to supporting Dave’s cause