Blancco data destruction now recognised as a good option for Federal government

The Federal government standards on data destruction have been modernised and Blancco is now recognised as a suitable option for secure data destruction. In June of 2020, the Australasian Certification Authority (ACA) awarded BDE 6.9.1 Common Criteria (CC) certification via its Australasian Information Security Evaluation Program (AISEP). Government data and asset managers in Australia and New Zealand can now confidently use Blancco Drive Eraser (BDE) to sanitise end-of-life data from loose hard disk drives and

Vision of a circular economy

The modern society has a waste problem. Global economy churns out about 70 billion tons of trash every year, far more than can be properly processed or recycled. This leads to environmental disasters like plastic trash drifted into rivers and oceans, toxic and hazardous materials leaching into the groundwater from electronics and electrical components disposed of in landfills. The vision of circular economy where resources are used sparingly, products are designed to recycle materials endlessly.

recovered material

Creating Perth jobs by recycling old switchboards with disability employment providers

In this article, we are going to showcase how easy it is to create jobs with recycling and how we could all benefit as a community from doing good for our environment. During this exciting project, the WA largest e-waste recycler has teamed up with a technology provider Downer, and two employment providers for the differently-abled – Maxima & Autism Association of WA. Downer Group had contacted Total Green Recycling after the recovery of the

WA’s e-waste recycling statistics for July 2020

Here are your monthly e-waste statistics brought to you by the largest recycler in Western Australia. In July we recovered a record amount of e-waste! – 271,576 of kg or materials and recycled 28,803 items. That’s 16 Transperth buses in weight diverted from landfill just this month! Top 10 performing councils in WA Congratulations to our TOP e-waste recycling champions in July 2020! City of Stirling = 60.6 T City of Greater Geraldton = 16