TGR highly commended in category – Avoid Recover Protect – Community Waste Award

We are proud to announce that we are highly commended in our category – Avoid Recover Protect – Community Waste Award.  Infinity Awards 2018 Almost 100 nominations were received across nine categories from businesses, local governments, the State Government, community groups and individuals. Our directors James & Michael Coghill with Honourable Stephen Dawson MLCMinister for Environment; Disability Services; Electoral Affairs Since its inception, Total Green Recycling has been committed to increasing the recycling rate of electronic waste

National Recycling Week 2018

National Recycling Week (NRW) starts on Monday, November 12

The National Recycling Week kicks off this week (Mon 12 November to Sun 18 November) and with the busy weeks leading up to it, we decided to get even busier by putting on some cool events for you. During the NRW week itself, we will welcome several councillors and mayors from various councils around WA. Some of them have been recycling e-waste with us for years, some of them are coming to see how they

5 Ways You Can Stop Your E-Waste From Illegal Export!

Australian e-waste ending up in toxic African dump, torn apart by children ABC News A computer monitor from St George Bank, destined for recycling in Australia, is found on a toxic e-waste dump in west Africa, being pulled apart by children as young as five. Read the full story Here Is How You Can Prevent Your E-Waste From Being Illegally Exported To Developing Countries! 1) Start by asking the right questions: Legitimate recylcers are only