Recycling Day at Ashdale Secondary College

On 24 July we have joined the Ashdale Secondary College in Darch in their recycling efforts.

Students at Ashdale have proudly prepared and manned a Recycling Day event for their school community and local residents. Parents and school friends were asked to collect and bring in their non-functional electronic items for recycling.

The aim was to reduce, reuse and recycle the community’s waste and avoid e-waste going to landfill. Students also collected other recyclables such as plastic bottles and lids, aluminium and steel cans/containers, plastic bread clips, clothing and soft plastic.

Total Green was approached by a Digital Technologies Teacher Rachel Farnay who asked us to sponsor the event by providing complimentary bins to collect the e-waste items being dropped.

On the day students collected 10 computers, 2 inkjet printers, 10 computer peripherals,1 laptop and 1 mobile.

Total green provided cages for collections, free delivery and pick up and recycled all collected electronics free of charge.