Recycling facility tours during National Recycling Week (NRW) 2019

The National Recycling Week 2019 fell this year on the week of 11th – 17th November.

As every year, it was a great opportunity for all of us to reflect on the efforts of recycling and remind ourselves (and perhaps to others) the urgency of responsible waste management. This year in particular with a large emphasis on the importance of creating local circular economy here in Perth and WA.

Total Green decided to put on two public tours for the public plus a private tour for WALGA students finishing their certificate in Waste Management.
Traditionally, we also invited WA media and politicians to attend and report on how is electronic waste recycled right here in Perth.

WALGA students tour

We were delighted to welcome Alyssa Cronk (City of Geraldton), Helen Pickering (Shire of Ashburton) and Julie Richards (Shire of Serpentine – Jarrahdale) – students of the WALGA’s Waste Management qualification led by their trainer Lynda Nottle.

We hope to establish regular e-waste collections with each of their respective councils and continue educating their residents about e-waste.

WMRC tour – including media and members of political parties

We were honoured to welcome Mr Josh Wilson, the Federal Member for Fremantle and Shadow Assistant Minister for the Environment; Mr Reece Whitby, MLA and Minister Dawson’s Parliamentary Secretary; and several members of the WA Waste Authority namely: Scott McKenzie, Julie Barnes and Tim Youé.

Moreover, twenty residents of the Western Metropolitan Regional Council came to visit our facility and learn about the recycling of electronics.

We look forward to having further meetings with members of political parties to discuss continuous challenges in our industry.

EMRC tour

Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council has organised a second tour for their residents as their first was mainly filled in with their Earth Carers.
If you’d like to take part in the Earth Carers course to learn practical ways of reducing waste at home and in the community, you can learn more at EMRC’s website.

Our tour presentation

Our PPT tour presentation can be viewed and downloaded here. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Other tours

You can find a list of upcoming tours on our website. There will be another 10 tours available in the first half of the year 2020.
Please contact to express your interest in organising one for your council or interest group.