The (b)right future of batteries in Perth

Battery Recycling

Why, when there are rechargeable batteries that can be re-used many times over before they are sent for recycling do we still need single-use batteries? The mind boggles. Here you will find everything you need to know about battery recycling.

Every year thousands of tonnes of batteries are used in Australia, many of which dangerously end up in landfills. The metals found in alkaline and rechargeable batteries include cadmium, mercury and lead. If left exposed, these metals can leak and contaminate the soil and groundwater, causing significant health and environmental risks. Rechargeable batteries are considered hazardous waste and should never be thrown away as general waste.

Luckily there are ways you can easily recycle your household batteries:

  • IKEA, Battery World and Aldi supermarkets all have a free battery recycling service with dedicated bins at each of their stores.
  • Your local council may have free collection locations for safe battery disposal.
  • Drop your old batteries off at one of over 150 battery recycling bins located within communities and schools around Perth.
  • For large commercial quantities, we can collect and recycle your batteries on request. The plastic and metals are processed and in turn, used again in the manufacture of new batteries. 
  • Reduce landfill waste: Recycling diverts batteries from ending up in landfill where they can’t break down.
  • Environmental impact: Prevents toxic metals from entering the natural environment and harming public health.
  • Save energy and money: Buying rechargeable batteries over single-use varieties helps your hip pocket. Each battery can generally be recharged 1,000 times before it needs to be discarded.
  • Preserve resources: Some batteries contain precious materials like magnesium and zinc, which, if recycled, can be melted down and reused in the manufacturing process.
  • Safety: Lithium batteries have the ability to explode or catch on fire if they are damaged or overheated when left exposed in landfills.

To organise a collection of your bulk batteries, contact our friendly team on (08) 9258 6009 or request a quote today.