Degaussing & Data Destruction, we’ve got it covered at TGR.

One of the main barriers for recycling or re-using old electronics is the uncertainty associated with how personal data is managed. Privacy is a hot topic at the moment. Edward Snowden said “Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” 

We get it. That’s why here at Total Green Recycling we have many different avenues for data destruction, both physical and non-physical. All of our data destruction techniques are certified to erase ALL data on your devices, so they can be safely recycled or refurbished and re-used. 

Physical destruction of your data

Total Green Recycling was recently awarded a grant through the New Industries Fund. We are using these funds to turn an end of life sea container into a Mobile Re-use and Data Destruction Centre. This will allow us to bring our new degaussing and data destruction machine on the road to recycling events in the city. 


Degaussing. Noun.
The destruction of the data on a data storage device by removing its magnetism.


TGR’s new degausser runs on WA renewably sourced energy from CleanTech Energy WA. It generates a powerful charge in only 15 seconds, which sends a strong magnetic field through the drive, making data completely unreadable and unrecoverable. It does this by removing the magnetic memory. Once it has cleared the drive, the unit takes a photograph of the serial number, so the client can be assured their data has been destroyed. To finalise the data destruction process, the degausser then physically crushes the drive, providing further assurance the data is completely unrecoverable, paving the way for the final step in which the precious metals and materials can be recovered through the downstream recycling process.

The degausser is easy to take on the road, allowing consumers to watch their data get safely destroyed and are provided certification along with photographic evidence. This machine will bring about a new era in Total Green Recycling’s service offering as we can offer assured, certified data destruction alongside our recycling services. It is our firm hope that this will completely remove any barriers people have for recycling their electronics, allowing us to maximise the precious materials diverted from landfill and the associated environmental and social impacts.  


Non-physical Data Destruction

Total Green Recycling also offers non-physical data destruction, which erases data while keeping the drive itself working and able to be reused. This non-physical data destruction uses  licensed technology to ensure complete erasure. TGR uses Blancco Drive Eraser. It is the federally accepted standard erasure software, used by both the Australian and US federal governments. Blancco software overwrites the drives using ones and zeros, rendering the data COMPLETELY unrecoverable. The hard drive itself is still usable, which is why it’s our preferred option for data destruction. Re-use should always be considered before recycling, which is why we believe Blancco is the best practice in use today.

We provide both options, to cover all data destruction requirements.

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