Steps to reduce and recycle your e-waste

Western Australians produce around 25kg of electronic waste each every year.📱🎧💿🖥🖨🖱📹📠📺

⚠️ E-waste is growing at THREE times the rate of general household waste in Australia.⚠️

An estimated 140,000+ tonnes of televisions and computers reach the end of their life each year in Australia – the equivalent of about four 2km-long trains full of iron ore. 

AND‼️ More than a third of this goes into landfill.☠️😤 

So please do the right thing and follow these steps below next time your old TV, mobile or laptop die: 

  1. Wait until an item reaches the end of its life before replacing it.
  2. Never put e-waste items in your general waste bin.
  3. Find a local drop-off point.
  4. Ask your local council when is the next e-waste collection event.
  5. For a large number of items request a free quote.
  6. Drop your items off and pat yourself on the back knowing you’ve done the right thing.

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