TOP e-waste recycling councils in WA per capita for 2019

These are the statistics you’ve all been asking for! In the first table, you can see how well respective councils collected e-waste taking into consideration the number of people living in the council.

In the second table, you can see the same data displayed purely by the volume of e-waste received from each council in 2019 and recycled by TGR.

Thank you to all the councils that recycled with us in 2019.

What if I can’t find my council?

In case your council is not listed it means one of the two things:

  1. Your council doesn’t have an e-waste recycling program setup and unfortunately sends your electronics to a landfill. (If this is the case we are eager to work with the council to change this.)
  2. Your council doesn’t recycle locally here in WA and ships your e-waste to eastern states. (If this is the case we are eager to work with the council to change this as well, as local recycling creates local jobs and reduces environmental impacts.)

We recommend calling your local representatives to find out what exactly is happening to your e-waste.

What can I do to help my council rank higher this year?

Great question! We recommend finding out what options your council provides. Visit their website to learn about upcoming collection events and your nearest drop-off location.

Councils have 3 options to divert e-waste from landfill for its residents:

  1. Set up a permanent drop off location.
  2. Hold a collection event.
  3. Partner with a local retailer to establish a take-back program in the area.

Cleaning up your draws and shed is a good way to start. Always remember, reuse comes before recycling. So try donating or selling your still functional items before parting with them. Recycling costs money and should be the last option.

And Remember! Do not put your electronics in your 240L bins it is a hazard environmentally and may cause a fire in waste facilities and trucks.

WA councils’ e-waste recycling efforts per capita



Kg delivered


Kg collected per capita

1Shire of Cunderdin5,8421,4404.056944444
2Shire of Toodyay13,5684,4273.064829456
3City of Stirling591,450220,2492.685369741
4Shire of Chittering12,6465,7422.202368513
5Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup12,1666,0622.006928406
6Shire of Broome29,52416,9521.741623407
7City of Busselton64,95138,9261.668576273
8Shire of Northam15,71211,1901.404110813
9City of Bunbury44,607.531,7761.403811052
10Shire of Esperance18,788 14,281 1.315594146 
11City of Karratha27,968 22,414 1.247791559 
12Shire of Bridgetown5,277 4,722 1.117534943 
13Shire of Yilgarn1,2561,1691.074422583 
14City of Kalgoorlie Boulder29,54529,998 0.9848989933 
15Bunbury Harvey Regional Council55,17759,574 0.9261926344 
16City of Fremantle28,361.5 30,868 0.9187994039 
17Shire of Collie7,5378,754 0.8609778387 
18Shire of Denmark5,1146,154 0.8310042249 
19City of Kalamunda45,93058,946 0.7791877311 
20Shire of Mundaring29,21639,139 0.7464677176 
21Shire of Gingin3,4775,258 0.6612780525 
22City of Albany24,910 37,826 0.6585417438 
23Shire of Augusta-Margaret River10,25615,700 0.6532484076 
24Shire of Manjimup5,233 9,159 0.5713505841 
25City of Swan59,673123,6430.4826233592 
26City of Greater Geraldton18,47938,7380.4770251433 
27Shire of Capel7,953 18,022 0.441293974 
28City of Bayswater30,40469,083 0.4401082756 
29City of Cockburn35,279112,1650.3145277047 
30City of Canning25,22893,4910.2698441561 
31Town of Bassendean4,01915,7390.2553529449 
32Mindarie Regional Council137,068712,891 0.1922706276 
33City of Melville 18,804 101,9400.1844614479
34Shire of Harvey5,07227,798 0.1824591697 
35City of Kwinana6,786 43,511 0.1559605617
36City of Nedlands3,04622,554 0.135053649 
37City of Perth2,196 27,762 0.07910092933
38Town of Port Hedland 1,14114,975 0.07619365609
39EMRC council 23,466 366,940 0.06395050962 
40City of Wanneroo7,963203,679 0.03909583217 
41City of Vincent1,12536,088 0.03117379738
42City of Subiaco47317,106 0.02765111657
43City of Belmont54041,510 0.01300891351 

*Population numbers used:

WA councils’ e-waste recycling efforts by volume

PositionCouncilKg delivered
1City of Stirling591,450
2Mindarie Regional Council137,068
3City of Busselton64,951
4City of Swan59,673
5Bunbury Harvey Regional Council55,177
6City of Kalamunda45,930
7City of Bunbury44,607.5
8City of Cockburn35,279
9City of Bayswater30,404
10City of Kalgoorlie Boulder 29,545
11Shire of Broome 29,524 
12Shire of Mundaring29,216
13City of Fremantle28,361.5 
14City of Karratha27,968
15City of Canning25,228
16City of Albany24,910
17EMRC council 23,466 
18City of Melville 18,804
19Shire of Esperance18,788
20City of Greater Geraldton 18,479
21Shire of Northam 15,712
22Shire of Toodyay 13,568 
23Shire of Chittering 12,646
24Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup12,166
25Shire of Augusta-Margaret River10,256 
26City of Wanneroo 7,963
27Shire of Capel 7,953 
28Shire of Collie7,537
29City of Kwinana 6,786
30Shire of Cunderdin 5,842 
31Shire of Bridgetown 5,277 
32Shire of Manjimup 5,233 
33Shire of Denmark 5,114 
34Shire of Harvey 5,072 
35Town of Bassendean 4,019 
36Shire of Gingin3,477
37City of Nedlands3,046
38City of Perth2,196
39Shire of Yilgarn1,256
40Town of Port Hedland1,141
41City of Vincent1,125
42City of Belmont540
43City of Subiaco473