Total Green Recycling joins forces with Scipher to future proof e-waste recycling

Total Green Recycling is excited to announce a partnership with Scipher Technologies, a large-scale e-waste recycler with a vision to become Australia’s leader in ESG urban mining. This business combination is supported by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Business Growth Fund, who will help facilitate innovation in the e-waste recycling sector and create the most significant urban mining footprint in Australia.

Total Green Recycling was advised on the deal by Octavian Group.

Total Green Recycling began its journey in 2008 as a family business which quickly grew into the leading e-waste recycler in Western Australia.  Total Green Recycling currently processes greater than 3,000 tonnes per year of e-waste, recovering valuable raw material and resources for reintroduction to the economy.  The group’s Asset Recovery division helps divert working items of discarded electrical and electronic equipment from landfill by repairing them for reuse and redeployment.

Scipher Technologies is a new entrant to the Australian recycling industry, with an experienced management team and history of working with large European e-waste compliance schemes and technology suppliers, and has quickly established itself as a key player in the Eastern States.

The group has plans to implement best-in-class advanced raw material recovery technology and establish national recycling infrastructure. For WA, this will coincide well with the impending E-waste to landfill ban in 2024, ensuring improved local capacity, further meaningful employment for the local community and better resource recovery outcomes.

Scipher Managing Director Chris Sayers commented: “We are excited about the addition of West Australian based Total Green Recycling to the Scipher group. The business has been successfully operating for 14 years, and the extensive knowledge and experience the Total Green team provides will strengthen our ability to achieve our goals”

CEFC CEO Ian Learmonth said: “Technology is making profound changes to our lives, and mostly for the better, from entertainment and communication options to household appliances and solar panels. As we embrace new technologies, and discard older ones, we need to also turn our attention to the end-of-life treatment of our many devices.”

Co-Head of Investments, Patrick Verlaine, views e-waste recycling as fragmented industry with strong environmental and regulatory tailwinds which will significantly benefit from capital investment in new recycling technologies. “Regulators, businesses, and consumers are increasingly focused on the treatment of e-waste. Through this investment, we are supporting a growing business which is investing in leading technology to maximize recovery rates of valuable and what would otherwise be environmentally harmful waste, diverted to landfill. We are delighted to be investing alongside such an experienced and industry-leading management team.”

James Coghill, the director of Total Green Recycling, says “We are very excited about this partnership. Joining forces with the team at Scipher, ABGF and CEFC represents a significant opportunity to bring our aspirations of developing a circular economy for technology into reality. The timing of this partnership couldn’t come at a better time for WA, with E-waste expected to be banned from landfill in 2024. This partnership will ensure Total Green is able to meet the growing community demand for sustainable, high quality recycling.