WA’s e-waste recycling statistics for February 2019

Despite February being a shorter month, we have recovered 192 tonnes of materials from e-waste and refurbished and repurposed 2,351 items.

Through our Asset Management division we donate $1 for each laptop recovered. For the month of February we donated $239 to ISP Uganda for the laptops we recovered in January to support their Keep a Kid in School program, supporting disadvantaged youth in Uganda.

Top 5 performing councils in WA

Congratulations to our TOP 5 e-waste recycling councils in February 19′.

  1. City of Stirling = 40.89 tonnes
  2. Mindarie Regional Council = 22.85 tonnes
  3. City of Cockburn = 8.82 tonnes
  4. City of Wanneroo = 7.96 tonnes
  5. Shire of Chittering = 4.43 tonnes

Top 5 performing companies in WA

  1. University of Western Australia = 7.77 tonnes
  2. Canon Recoverable WA = 3.16 tonnes
  3. Schneider Electric = 3.03 tonnes
  4. Australian Broadcasting Company = 2.3 tonnes
  5. Curtin University = 1.7 tonnes

Materials recovered from e-waste

In February we recovered 192,125 Kg of materials. That’s about 75 giraffes of material recovered last month.

Materials breakdown for February

Top 10 items recycled

In February we recycled 1,199 desktop computers. If you stacked 1,199 PCs on top of one another, they would be roughly 480m high. That’s 156m higher than the Eiffel tower.

Top items recycled in February

Top items refurbished and repurposed

In February we refurbished 2,351 items.