WA’s e-waste recycling statistics for March 2019

March was a busy month especially for our Asset Management team. We have recovered 163 tonnes of materials from e-waste and refurbished and repurposed 4,755 items.

Top 5 performing councils in WA

Congratulations to our TOP 5 e-waste recycling councils in March 19′.

Top 5 performing companies in WA

Materials recovered from e-waste

In March we recovered 162,461 Kg of materials. That’s about 75 rhinoceros of material recovered last month.

Top 10 items recycled

In March we recycled 1,987 flatscreen televisions. Now let’s get creative.  If you placed 1,987 flat screen TVs side by side in a square forming a large TV it would form a three (3!) times larger TV screen than the super-screen located in Optus stadium. (Which is by the way the largest screen in the southern hemisphere.)

Top items refurbished and repurposed

In March we refurbished 4,755 items which is twice as much as in February.


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