What is CitySwitch and why you should join too

CitySwitch Green Office program is Australia’s flagship sustainability program for business.

Its purpose is to help Australian businesses to improve their energy and waste efficiency.

Total Green joined the CitySwitch program early this year to work towards a carbon positive future. Currently, 903 tenancies across Australia covering over 4,011,709 sqm have committed to CitySwitch.

Our director Michael says: “We strive for sustainability and best environmental outcome in all aspects of our business. From saving energy on air conditioning, recycling our milk bottles to using 100% renewable energy.”

Despite our large recycling plant which is capable of processing up to three tonnes of e-waste per hour being hungry for energy, our numbers are at the higher spectrum of envo-friendly businesses.

Using 100% renewable energy by Cleantech certainly helps us to become greener. More WA businesses and residents should consider using renewably sourced energy to support our local environment. It all adds up and is imperative to help us fight the effects of climate change.” says Michael.

Being part of the community of like-minded businesses in WA means sharing sustainable ideas, goals and helping each other on a mission to a better future. We encourage all our partners and companies out there to join and take advantage of the benefits of this government-funded program.

“Using 100% renewable energy by Cleantech certainly helps us to become greener.”

This weeks’ breakfast for members at Brookfield Place was filled with inspiring presentations as well as great opportunities for networking (besides delicious catering). We enjoyed talks from progressive innovators such as Cundall and Rate my Space as well as an informative session on the latest from recycling space delivered by the City of Perth.


So what are you waiting for? Get amongst it! (It’s completely free to join.)

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