What type of devices we recover and refurbish at TGR IT Asset recovery

In our recent blogpost, we explained Why we started Total Green IT Asset Recovery business operations.

In this article, our director Michael Coghill answers one of the most commonly asked questions: What type of devices we recover and refurbish at TGR IT Asset recovery?

“At our Asset recovery business, we test, refurbish and repair a wide range of electronic devices.

The most popular items we receive are desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, spare monitors, keyboards, mouses… Generally any useful computer equipment,” says co-founder and director of Total Green Recycling Michael.

If you want to make sure that someone else can reuse your items like mobile phones, tablets or laptops when you’re finished with them, it’s really important that you:

  1. remove your data.
  2. unlock your device and remove any passwords that are protecting that device.

Privacy and data theft concerns are often the reasons why people hang on to old electronics.

If you don’t unlock your device it can prevent the next person from actually using because locked items are difficult to refurbish and repair.

You can learn how to How to remove data and reset your iPhone in this article.

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