Executive Team


James Coghill

Director – Recycling

James completed his degree at Curtin University with honours after successfully completing his final year project, ‘Waste Management Practises & Procedures in Western Australia and Effects on the Construction Industry: Seeking Practicable Alternatives to Landfill Disposal.’

James is the Technical Director of the company and has extensive knowledge and experience in WA’s waste management practises, procedures, infrastructure and waste streams.

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Michael Coghill

Director – Asset Management

Michael holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Western Australia, majoring in Investment Finance, Money & Banking and also completed a minor in Australian Business Law.

Michael is a passionate and enthusiastic advocate for sustainability and the environment with interests in sustainable food and housing.

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Peter Coghill

Peter Coghill

Director & Advisor

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Management Team


Alex Cutier

Compliance Manager

Alex joined Total Green in early 2018 as a Quality Manager and is responsible for managing compliance of the company’s management systems and accreditations. Alex plays a key role in our leadership team drawing on a diverse range of skills and knowledge from his experience working in France for Snecma (an aerospace engineering company) and BiC after he finished his Masters in Quality Management of Projects in Paris.

Due to his environmentally conscious parents, he likes spending time in nature and has a passion for protecting our planet. Alex loves scuba diving, travelling, surfing and spending time with family. 

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Eugene Wharepapa

Manager of Recycling

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Farooq Alam Khan

Manager of Asset Management

In 2015 Farooq joined the TGR as a part-time recycling worker. Fast forward 4 years and he’s now an Asset Management Manager leading the whole AM team.

Prior to settling in Australia, Farooq owned his own computer business in Pakistan for seven years. Then he decided to relocate his family to Australia and complete his Masters of Computer Science in Perth ECU.

The father of three loves all the things technology does Muay Thai boxing 2-3 days/week and believes reusing and recycling computers is crucial for next generations to strive.

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Alex Price

Office Administrator

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Sharka Hornakova

Communications Manager

Sharka started with TGR in September 2018 to help us with our website, sales, marketing and overall communications.

She’s originally from a beautiful city of Prague but moved to Australia nearly nine years ago to fulfil her dream of living near the ocean. It’s only fitting she was soon after becoming an Aussie, nicknamed a Shark.

Her extensive agency background – both from Europe & Perth, gives her a wide range of skills which she now utilises towards helping to combat the environmental issues here in WA. “Focusing on e-waste makes me feel excited and really purposeful. Given my agency background, I’ve been using technology to its fullest and it feels great being able to influence others to do the right thing and dispose of their electronics properly.”

Sharka is also a fitness instructor and a yoga teacher and in her spare you find her camping, beaching it, mixing essential oils or yoging and meditating.

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Niresh Shrestha

Collection Service Manager

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Andrew Lim

Training Supervisor

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Chris Parsons


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Royna Kaio


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David Sanders

Manager of E-commerce

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Asset Management Team


David Roloff

Electronics Engineer

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Justin Mirkovich

Technician, Enterprise Technology

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Hayden Andrews

Technician, Mobile Technology

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Marcus Henneveld


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Syed Zaidi


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Recycling Team