Executive Team


James Coghill

Director – Recycling

James completed his degree at Curtin University with honours after successfully completing his final year project, ‘Waste Management Practises & Procedures in Western Australia and Effects on the Construction Industry: Seeking Practicable Alternatives to Landfill Disposal.’

James is the Technical Director of the company and has extensive knowledge and experience in WA’s waste management practises, procedures, infrastructure and waste streams.

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Michael Coghill

Director – Asset Management

Michael holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Western Australia, majoring in Investment Finance, Money & Banking and also completed a minor in Australian Business Law.

Michael is a passionate and enthusiastic advocate for sustainability and the environment with interests in sustainable food and housing.

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Management Team

Evan Cocks

Evan Cocks

General Manager of Recycling

Evan holds tertiary qualifications in science, safety and social impact. He is an enthusiastic resource recovery professional with over 8 years of experience in waste management and recycling.

Evan works to maximise positive outcomes in TGR’s recycling division.

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Alex Cutier

Production Manager

Alex joined Total Green in early 2018 as a Quality Manager and was responsible for managing compliance of the company’s management systems and accreditation. In May 2019 he’s moved into a Production Manager role to oversea our IT Asset Management team.

Alex plays a key role in our leadership team drawing on a diverse range of skills and knowledge from his experience working in France for Snecma (an aerospace engineering company) and BiC after he finished his Masters in Quality Management of Projects in Paris.

Due to his environmentally conscious parents, he likes spending time in nature and has a passion for protecting our planet. Alex loves scuba diving, travelling, surfing and spending time with family. 

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Louise Coghill

Communications Manager

Louise has been with us from the start, watching Michael and James collect computers from the side of the road and even taking apart the odd electronic item in the warehouse. After many years of travelling around the world, we’re happy to get her back on the team to help with our website, sales and marketing.

Louise has been a freelance photographer for the past 7 years, working with organisations such as Canon Australia, City of Perth and Curtin University.

She returned to Total Green Recycling because sustainability and recycling has become a major focus for her.

When she’s not posting on Instagram, she can be found hiking through the wilderness.

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Alex Price

Office Administrator

Coming soon. Stay tuned.


Andrew Lim

Training Supervisor

Coming soon. 🙂


Chris Parsons

Production Manager

Coming soon. 🙂

Marcel Paule

Marcel Paule

ITAD Process Manager

Marcel Paule made his first steps in Production and Project Management in Electronics Manufacturing back in Berlin, Germany’s capital, before he has moved to Perth in March 2017 and started with TGR two years later.

With his excellent know-how in lean manufacturing systems as well as process development and validation he fills another important key management factor to raise TGR to the next level and cope with the upcoming Asset Recovery and e-waste challenges which are facing our planet.

As he is a passionate supporter of his favourite soccer club Borussia Dortmund, black and yellow blood flows through his veins. And when he is not kicking the ball himself or participating in a triathlon, Marcel spends heaps of time exploring the unique Australian West Coast with friends and family.

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David Sanders

Manager of E-commerce

David graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2015 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Economics). While studying he co-founded and managed the PCs for Refugees club, repairing and donating computers to refugees on weekends. After graduating, that led directly to the founding of Hybrid Hardware – our sister e-commerce company.

Four and a half years ago David began working full time to refurbish electronics and helping solve the e-waste problem.

In his spare time he enjoys gardening, reading, exercising, playing chess, UFC and worm farming.

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Asset Management Team


Justin Mirkovic

Technician, Enterprise Technology

Justin joined us 6 years ago as a recycler helping to dismantle e-waste. After 2 years of pulling electronics apart, he’s moved to Asset Management to help recover some of the technology for reuse.

As a technician, he spends his days testing and grading various equipment from laptops, PCs to servers. Justin enjoys the positive atmosphere at TGR and good laughs with the team when finding treasures such as 30 kg hard drives.

When he’s not at work testing apparatus, Justin likes to play action and racing games on his fully functional PC.


Marcus Henneveld


Marcus is a true blue Australian who’s been with TGR for over 2 years. He comes from a security background and has a Diploma of Work Health and Safety. As a part of the team in Asset Management, Marcus is in charge of testing PCs and laptops, unravelling faults and preparing electronics for their next journey in life.

In his spare time, he likes to enjoy the great Aussie outdoors – activities such as cycling, fishing, swimming and playing golf or tennis.

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning Marcus is an avid cat lover and has two giant pussy cats guiding his property. LinkedIn icon 


Syed Zaidi


Syed has moved to Australia from Pakistan to study at the Curtin University. He has earned a Degree in Accounting and Finance while working initially part-time as a Testing Technician. Syed enjoys learning as part of his job and over the four years has become our number one mobile phone guru. With new technology emerging every day, Syed feels he should move his major towards software engineering as accountants will be soon replaced.

It’s no surprise he enjoys playing games but what may surprise you is that Syed is also an avid perfume collector.

It Asset Management team

Recycling Team