Asset Management

Collect, Erase, Audit, Test, Refurbish, Re-use, Recover, Recycle

Disposing of your IT Assets the right way has never been easier with Asset Management and Recovery.

We have established Asset Management to provide our businesses, government and enterprise clients with a complete IT Asset Disposition and recycling service. Our dedicated Asset Recovery facility enables us to provide clients with advanced services to satisfy all of your compliance, record keeping and verification requirements for your next asset disposal.

In addition to ensuring all of your company data and asset information is properly removed, we can also provide a comprehensive IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Report with every collection. The ITAD Report details key information that we use to track every serialized asset through our process all the way from collection through to the final point of disposition. This information enables us to provide a tidy report that you can then use to satisfy audit and compliance requirements.


Do you have assets that contain private information or company data?

When disposing of used business equipment and IT assets it’s important to follow best practice:

It is important to ensure that all data is permanently erased and destroyed.

We offer 3 key services to ensure 100% of your data and private information is completely destroyed:

  1. Blancco Certified Erasure of Hard Drives – 3 or 7 Pass Overwriting with Department of Defence (DoD) overwriting algorithms
  2. Blancco Certified Erasure of Mobile Devices – 3 or 7 Pass Overwriting with Departement of Defence (DoD) overwriting algorithms
  3. Physical Destruction of Storage Media – our 37kW shredder makes short work of any failed drives or storage media, grinding into 20mm fractions

Drilling holes in hard drives, tablets, phones and laptops does not always guarantee you will hit the critical data storage elements. Our service is well worth the investment and can be included at no charge where there is sufficient volume of assets suitable for re-use or refurbishment.

We have all seen the news storied of company assets incorrectly disposed of and being identifed or traced back to their owners because their company asset tags or other identifying information was left on the devices at the point of disposal.

Our Asset Recovery process includes:

  1. Record Make, Model, Serial Number & Asset Tag Information
  2. Remove any Company Asset Tags or other identifying information
  3. Apply new barcord label to track asset through the recovery/recycling process

This process ensures that your company and brand information is protected from the risks associated with improper disposal channels.

Professional IT Management practises include maintaining a complete inventory of assets details, locations and other information. Recording asset information at teh time of disposal can be time consuming, however it is an important part of maintaining the accuracy and relevancy of your organisations inventory or asset register.

Our Asset Recovery process also captures key information that can be used to audit each disposal:

  1. Item Type, Make & Model
  2. Serial Numbers and IMEI Numbers
  3. Company asset tags
  4. Specifications & quantities
  5. Hard drive Information including hard drive serial numbers
  6. Final Status at Point of Disposition

This information can be invaluable if you do not already have a comprehensive asset list and can also serve as a back stop incase you accidently send us something by accident and want us to return it back to you for example.

Reduce your IT management costs by enabling safe and the effective repurposing of assets without compromising on the quality of outcomes.

You wouldn’t throw away or destroy your new car after only 3-5 years, so why would you do that with your computer equipment?

Late model equipment (<5 years old) is often suitable for value recovery or refurbishment. Repurposing assets enables cost savings by utilizing the residual value in late model equipment to reduce IT Asset Management costs.

When disposing of larger quantities of equipment it is important to use professionals to maximize the recoverable value of used equipment without compromising on quality assurance.

We use industry best practise to reduce costs:

  1. Secure Data Destruction enables the safe re-use of items after data has been securely removed
  2. Removal of identifying information enables safe re-use of items without being traced back to the original owner
  3. Clean, restore and improve equipment specifications for re-sale channels with professional refurbishment
  4. Connect with a global marketplace to maximise financial returns for assets with residual value
  5. Recover useful components through Parts Harvesting before recycling
  6. Recycle damaged or obsolete items for recovery of valuable materials

Use Accredited Recyclers to ensure that equipment is recycled properly, in accordance with best practise. Enabling safe re-use of items before recycling enables signficantly better environmental outcomes.

Refurbishing and re-using equipment can be up to 25 times better for the environment than recycling.

Not all recycling is equal. It is important to ensure that your recycler has the proper credentials and that they follow best practises. For example recyclers that claim 100% diversion from landfill are simply stating that they do not do any of the recycling themselves, they “divert” all of their e-waste to somewhere other than landfill.

We recommend using AS/NZS 5377 and ISO 14001 certified recyclers, and you should also check their facilities to ensure that they are processing your items here in Australia and not simply sending them overseas to be processed to less scrupulous standards.

IT Asset Disposition Report

Our IT Asset Disposition Reports include:

  1. Item Type, Make & Model Numbers
  2. Serial Numbers and IMEI Numbers
  3. Company Asset ID Tags
  4. Specifications & onboard configuration at the time of disposal
  5. Hard Drive information (including Hard Drive S/N)
  6. Hard Drive Status (Erased or Destroyed)
  7. Final Disposition Status (Refurbished or Recycled)

ITAD Report - Example

Sample ITAD Report


Data Destruction Report includes:

  1. Device Type (IDE, SCSI, SATA, SAS, SSD, FLASH, etc)
  2. Serial Numbers and IMEI Numbers
  3. Specifications & storage capacity (GB)
  4. Device Quantity
  5. Procedures Completed (3 or 7 Pass Overwriting, Physical Destruction, etc)
  6. Final Status (Erased or Destroyed)
Example Data Destruction Report
Sample Mobile Data Erasure Report