Quality Policy

Total Green Recycling is committed to continuous improvement of the Triple Bottom Line (Social, Environmental, Economic) through open co-operative communication and intelligent change.

To do this we must systematically improve the quality of our services and management through integrity based leadership, customer focus and continuous employee involvement.

The objectives of this policy are:

Customer satisfaction
  • Total Green Recycling endeavours to exceed its customers’ expectations, implementing feedback from customers into our continuous improvement program.
  • Total Green Recycling respects their engagement with their customers and aims to provide and deliver services safely, under budget, to a high standard of quality and on time
  • Total Green Recycling uses best practice of quality fundamentals such as the methods and tools to guarantee the sustainability of our services and products.
The continuous improvement of our effectiveness
  • Total Green Recycling train our employees to ensure each and every one develops skills and have the knowledge to control their environment and are able to ensure the service outcomes meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and standards.
  • Total Green Recycling monitor and select the best suppliers in the market to build sustainable partnerships to deliver our services.
  • Total Green Recycling deploy the best practices and standards to increase the efficiency of the company.
  • Total Green Recycling improves and leans their processes to progress and achieve our targets and innovation.
  • Total Green Recycling promote shared responsibility between management, all employees and clients in ensuring factually based decision making for positive innovative change and mutually beneficial products and service.

For and on behalf of the TGR Board of Directors

Dated: November 2021