Computer Recycling

E-waste Recycling is now being offered FREE to the general public

Approximately 98% of all electronic products are recyclable. However, in Western Australia the majority of e-waste is still either disposed of unethically, sent to land-fill or placed in storage. We believe the primary reason for this is a general lack of awareness and availability of convenient recycling opportunities.

With the introduction of the National Computer and Television Recycling Scheme (NCTRS), Total Green now offers Free recycling (for approved items) to a diverse range of businesses, government organisations, as well as the general public.

For individuals, please contact us today about your nearest drop-off location and for businesses, please request a FREE Quote today as we can often provide a free service for commercial volumes also.

For those in remote or rural areas, there are now numerous disposal opportunities in and around Perth as well as in many rural regional areas. If you are unsure of where you can dispose of e-waste in your area please contact us or get in touch with your local council about recycling services in your area and where your nearest free recycling service is located.

Local recycling achieves high rates of recovery

We mostly employ a manual dis-assembly process here at our Kewdale facility which enables us to ensure maximum recovery of re-usable materials including by controlling where our downstream products go for further recycling. Materials we recover include:

This means that instead of mining these materials from the ground many environmental savings can be made by safely recovering and refining  these resources for re-introduction back into to the manufacturing process. For example, did you know that in the construction industry 80% of new steel currently comes from recycled scrap?

In particular, recycling of these valuable commodities is very important due to the significant benefits for our local environment:

  • Reduce waste to landfill
  • Considerable energy savings
  • Less CO² emissions and transport mileage
  • Significantly less water consumption

With our carefully designed recovery processes we are also able to safely separate and contain hazardous materials and prevent them from entering land-fills, waterways or being illegally exported to lesser developed countries.

Pretty much every electronic device contains some amount of hazardous and toxic materials. Materials that we segregate out and contain for proper treatment and recovery or disposal include:

  • Lead            used in almost every electronic devices to varying degrees – Did you know there can be up to 3 kg in old televisions?
  • Mercury      in fluorescent tubes and flat screen displays, as well as in old circuit board switches
  • Cadmium    in Ni-Cad batteries as well as ink toners
  • Arsenic        used for strengthening alloys of copper and lead as well as being used in many semiconductor electronic devices

Secure Data Destruction

Should you be concerned about data security please feel free to discuss with our staff our secure data destruction services. You and your organisation can sleep easy knowing that your data will be safely destroyed and will never see the light of day again. Please talk with us further if you would like to find out more about Secure Data Destruction.