Network Infrastructure

Recycle your server, switches, routers and cables

Gone are the days when it was considered acceptable to toss out your IT equipment in the bin or dump it into landfill. At Total Green Recycling, we can collect, decommission, recover, recycle your old IT hardware and put it to good eco-friendly use.

Our industry best practice recycling services are carried out at our ISO 14001 accredited e-waste facility in Welshpool, where we locally process all of your unwanted hardware.

We will initially determine whether your server can be remarketed. If it is still in good working order, we will remove and destroy the hard drive to ensure your intellectual property remains yours, and replace it with a new one, ready to be resold and reused. If the server is past its’ used by date, our professional team will completely strip all materials, components and metals for recycling.

Similar to recycling your computer, any units in working order are resold as second hand equipment to give it a new lease on life. The non-working units are dismantled by hand, with the components and metals sorted and separated for recycling and reuse.

Did you know most electronic cables found at home can be used interchangeably with other devices? For those instances where you can’t reuse your cables, we can take them off your hands and recycle them. We do this by separating the inner metal conductor from the plastic casing. The metal, which is generally copper or aluminium are all finite resources and in demand. Recycling these metals is therefore a cost-effective alternative when compared to producing the same metal from raw materials.

The plastic casing from cables can also be recycled. It is melted and resold to rubber or plastic manufacturers for future reuse.

Asset decommissioning

We can assist in the comprehensive and secure removal of your company data, financials and asset information from your hardware. This ensures your intellectual property is permanently erased and destroyed without the risk of a data breach.

To request a free pick up of your unwanted IT equipment, contact the e-waste recycling specialists on (08) 9258 6009 or get in touch online today.