When do Recycling Fees Apply?

Due to the complex nature of electronic devices, the dis-assembly and recycling process can be very labour intensive and can be dangerous if performed incorrectly. Many electronic devices also contain highly toxic chemicals and components which can be costly to dispose of safely.

Fortunately, the introduction of the new National Waste Policy and new Product Stewardship Legislation Australia has now established a National Computer and Television Recycling Scheme (NCTRS) offers free recycling to residents all around Australia. The 2013-14 Scheme Target has been set at 33.00% of all new e-waste arising over the period and the the target is programmed to increase to 80.00% by 2020-2021.

The good news is that the NCTRS enables us to offer free recycling for eligible and approved products, however due to the limited recycling target not all e-waste can be recycled through the scheme. Products that are not covered by the scheme are categorised as By Catch and attract a recycling charge.

If you would like more more information or require a recycling service for your e-waste, please contact us today. We will be more than happy to discuss the scheme and do our best to negotiate a low cost or free solution to satisfy your recycling requirements.