Helping Out The Kids In India

Alice in Wonderland Orphanage was opened last year in March in Faridabad, India, and is now home to 12 children between the ages of 3 – 9.

Frances Gray an acquaintance of the business has been working with the orphanage for some time, sending clothes, money and other necessities to help the children out. Inspired by Frances’s effort Total Green Recycling decided to help the orphanage out by sending a laptop to help the children with there studies. The children attend a private school in the hope they can secure a scholarship and go to University, a laptop will help them out in achieving this goal.

Overjoyed with the donation the children made Total Green Recycling a thankyou card.

Below: The children drawing the thankyou cards

Total Green Recycling hopes to continue this relationship with the orphanage and send more donations in the future.