How to recycle your electronics in the City of Cockburn

The City of Cockburn has been recycling electronics for many years. In the last year, they have recycled 41 truckloads of e-waste.

If you have any unwanted electronic items, you can drop them off in the Henderson Waste Recovery Park free of charge or put them on your verge during your twice-yearly collection.

Your smaller items such as mobile phones, batteries, household light globes and printer cartridges – you can drop them off to any of the city’s libraries.

If you have any electronic items that are still working, consider selling them online, donating them to a friend or giving them to charity.
If you’re unsure about what to do with any of your waste, please visit the city’s website.

f you are a resident of the City of Cockburn, you now have the opportunity to come to our recycling facility in Welshpool to learn about how are your electronic items recycled. 🥳
Book a tour via Facebook event or on Eventbrite.

Residents of other councils, please head over to our tour page to find other dates available: