MEDIA RELEASE: Total Green Recycling moves to a new location and towards circular economy

PUBLISH ON 15th October 2019
Perth, 14th October 2019

After eleven (11) years of continued growth the WA owned family business, Total Green Recycling (TGR), has once again expanded its operations. This time moving into two (2) separate facilities and moving for the 7th time!

The new recycling facility is now located in Welshpool where most of WA councils deliver collected e-waste from several drop-off points around Perth and regional WA.

Total Green has been awarded a grant from the WA Waste Authority to spread the awareness about e-waste so residents of Perth now have a chance to book a tour and see for themselves how their items are being processed and recycled.

Not just recycling

While TGR is most known as the largest e-waste recycler on the Australian west coast, a significant part of their service offering is IT Asset Management.

During their seventh move, the board of directors made a strategic decision to split the business into a second location to enable further specialisation of each business unit. This will enable TGR to keep up with the demand for large data-destruction projects and to provide safe and secure IT solutions to more local governments and businesses.

“Over 70% of all the equipment we receive for recycling is still in working order so it makes sense economically and environmentally to save these assets whenever possible, instead of putting them down through the shredder,” says Michael Coghill – IT Asset Management Director.

“Over 70% of all the equipment we receive for recycling is still in working order.”

Reusing things – not only old electronics – creates a much better outcome for our environment. Refurbishing and reusing IT equipment can be up to twenty-five (25) times better for the environment than recycling.

While the new e-waste recycling warehouse has been relocated from Kewdale to Welshpool, the IT Asset Management warehouse is now established in the City of Canning in a secure facility.

“We are excited to be part of the city which has a great vision for waste management and strives towards a new circular economy. This is very much aligned with our values and future aspirations,” explains Michael.

Towards Circular future

Total Green is now on a mission to build the circular economy here in Perth.
They’ve been collaborating with a wide range of local partners. From the circular economy pioneers Holonic to startups such as Switch Batteries, GreenLab Machines as well as universities – Curtin, UWA, Murdoch and local schools and councils.

TGR is now actively pursuing manufacturing opportunities and openly invite everyone to get in touch and collaborate.

“With the recent acquisition of an optical sorter, we are continuing to develop our abilities in liberation and separation. Our next step is to prepare the material in a way that is useful for local re-manufacturing.

We are seeking out local manufacturing and product design partners to begin the creation of a new range of innovative products made from recycled materials,” stresses e-waste operations’ director James.

On top of all that, TGR is running a set of e-educational workshops for schools around Perth. They also started offering the Workplace learning program as part of their business model.

“We believe kids have to be taught to think differently in order to make the shift from the linear economy toward circular before it’s too late,” says Michael.

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About Total Green Recycling

Total Green Recycling is a Western Australian family business dedicated to finding the best and most sustainable recycling solutions for the 90+ materials that can be recovered through its process. To learn more about Total Green Recycling’s campaign to end e-waste and to sign the petition, visit

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