MEDIA RELEASE: Total Green Recycling seeks new charity partners

PUBLISH ON 6th August 2019
Perth, 6th August 2019

Total Green Recycling (TGR) has been working with several partners over the years donating used electronics, free services such as complimentary pick up for Cancer Council WA and a monetary donation to our charity in Uganda. (You can learn more about Why Total Green supports International School Program (ISP) in Uganda.)

While TGR is most known as the largest e-waste recycler on the Australian west coast, a significant part of their service offering is IT Asset Management.

Over 70% of all the equipment we receive for recycling is still in working order.

“It’s rather unfortunate when we find a perfectly good computer, television or laptop thrown into a skip bin for recycling when so many of these items could be easily repaired and re-purposed,” says founder and director Michael Coghill.

TGR recognised that recycling was only a part of the solution and a more comprehensive set of services are required to enable truly responsible IT lifecycle management. That’s why in 2012 Total Green started offering Data Destruction, Decommissioning, Reverse Logistics and IT Remarketing services. This provides IT Managers in Perth and WA with a wide range of options when it’s time to dispose of unwanted electronics.

“We are focused on maximising value across the IT equipment lifecycle for our clients and our planet – reducing disposal costs, maximising value recovery by safely repurposing equipment and also improving recycling outcomes,” explains director Michael.

From desktop computers, laptops to mobile phones TGR tests, repairs and aims to recover these before putting them down the shredder. Their recovery rate of laptops collected directly from WA businesses was 86.96% for June. You can learn more about how much TGR recycles and recovers each month in their monthly statistics update.

The recycler has been donating computers, tablets and mobile phones over the past years to several local and regional charities. With the steady increase in the consumption of electronics over the years, the amount of items ready for donations is also growing.

“It feels great being able to help not just the environment but also the communities that we serve and who support us. Not everyone has equal access to the world’s information and we are finding some very meaningful ways to help people through the effective donation of technology. It warms my heart to see our saved electronics making a difference in people’s lives,” says Michael.

Reusing things – not only old electronics – creates a much better outcome for our environment. Refurbishing and reusing IT equipment can be up to twenty-five (25) times better for the environment than recycling.

“As we continue to grow, we need to team up with more partners to help us distribute our refurbished fully functional electronics to those in need. For example today thanks to one of our generous clients, we have sixty (60) really nice desktop computers that are only 2-3 years old and ready to be donated,” says Michael.

“That’s why we decided to call out for charity partners who can help us deliver those to the people who need them. We want these computers to find homes where they can make a real difference with their second life,” explains Michael. 

Total Green would like to find a charity partner who is aligned with their values and is on board with their circular economy mission. It’s also important that the organisation can help spread the word about the second hand IT assets so TGR can reach as many of the right people as possible.

TGR’s director Michael concludes, “We’re all about transparency and will be asking to see the real people using our refurbished technology. We want to be able to show the world that by working together we can make a difference simply by choosing to do more with what so many of us are already taking for granted.”

Our ideal charity partner

  • Aligns with our values and mission.
  • Can find a suitable home for our electronics in Western Australia.
  • Can execute a donation of at least 20 items at the time.
  • Has a high community and social media engagement to help us find the right people.
  • Can provide a certificate of donation as well as stories, pictures and marketing support.

If you are not-for-profit or a social enterprise that fits the above criteria, please contact Sharka at

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About Total Green Recycling

Total Green Recycling is a Western Australian family business dedicated to finding the best and most sustainable recycling solutions for the 90+ materials that can be recovered through its process. To learn more about Total Green Recycling’s campaign to end e-waste and to sign the petition, visit

Media contact:

Sharka Hornakova
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Media Release: Total Green Recycling seeks new charity partners (PDF, 105 KB)

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