The responsibility of leadership: A podcast with Michael Coghill

Our Director Michael Coghill  had an insightful conversation with Michael Prince, over on the Oasis: People & Culture Podcast. They discuss Michaels history on how and why Total Green Recycling began, and what sparked the passion for recycling and sustainability.

“As you will hear in this coaching-like conversation, Michael brings a depth of thought to bear on not merely his many ideas but also where they sit in relation to the wider societal and environmental systems we are all part of.”

Michael works tirelessly towards a sustainable and circular future; both in business, and on a personal level. This business isn’t about making a profit, but rather, looking after our planet and the people on it. His values in his personal life are what drive his business model. This episode delves into his sense of responsibility in creating a liveable world for the future.

“As this podcast conversation closed, I couldn’t help but quietly say, thank God for people like Michael Coghill; people who dream large, who look generationally and who think for the benefit of others (like me) who might never have imagined the possibilities nor the consequences of inaction.”

You can listen to the podcast here.




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