TGR hosts stall at Bunnings Recycling event

Earlier this month Bunnings invited us to their Recycling education event for National Recycling Week.

For many years the question was “What is e-waste?” and while there are still many questions about what constitutes e-waste and how to re-use or recycle it correctly, the question has changed to “Where can I recycle my e-waste?”.

While the adults were focussed on logistics, the kids were fascinated by the various materials that come out of our electronic waste. It’s great to see the next generation are already passionate recyclers and are going to fight hard for their future ♻️

Lubin explains to some children what kind of metals come out of e-waste


95% of e-waste is recyclable, however only approximately 30% of it is recycled. The majority of it still ends up in landfill. Electronic devices contain over 50 separate material streams. Such as plastic, ferrous metal, precious metals like lithium, gold, copper and silver, glass and so much more.

Almost all of it can be recycled. 

To find where you can recycle your e-waste head to our drop-off locator here: Drop-off Locator