Press Conference: Launch of our campaign to end e-waste going to WA landfills

Today we held our first ever Press Conference to officially launch our campaign to ban e-waste to Western Australian landfill.

Our directors James and Michael addressed the crowd consisting of WA councils, waste industry partners and media with a short yet sharp speech explaining why it’s important to ban e-waste from going into landfills.


Some of the top points founders of TGR made to ban e-waste included points like:

  1. E-waste does not belong in landfills – it can leach harmful chemicals and contaminate our soils for generations to come.
  2. Millions of dollars’ worth of precious and base metals are being discarded and left in landfills.
  3. Every 10,000 T of e-waste recycled locally, creates 50 or more full-time equivalent jobs.

“We believe we live on a finite planet and having both recently become fathers we’d like to see our children growing up in the same environment so they can enjoy what we enjoy. And banning e-waste is one of those steps that are required to achieve that.” stressed director James Coghill.

You can read and download our official Media Release on our website.

Q&A session

Following Q & A session shed some light on the National television and computer recycling scheme (NTCRS explained) and answered the most burning question: “How would a landfill ban be enforced? Is WA ready?”

We believe we are. Plus we don’t have to invent the wheel. South Australia and Victoria have done it.

“With strong, transparent and open collaboration, communication and engagement with stakeholders across the lifecycle of electronic products we believe it’s possible.” said director Michael Coghill.

Other interesting questions about waste streams such as solar panels were answered with radical honesty typical for both of our directors. You may have heard us talking about investigating Solar panels in our previous article.

If you didn’t get the chance to come down, you can watch the FB live stream video including speech and Q&A session on our Facebook page here.

We finished our Press Conference with a tour of our recycling facility with an enthralling yet fairly noisy demonstration of our recycling plant in action. For those of you who didn’t have a chance to come to visit, we’re putting together a video from the day. So don’t forget to follow us on Social media.

Thank you for your support.

​PS: Don’t forget to sign our petition to Ban e-waste from WA landfills!

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