What is theTechnology Re-use Centre?

Last month Total Green took to the road to deploy our Technology Re-use Centre at the ‘Close the Loop’ Exhibition hosted at the Bunbury Forum.

What is the Technology Re-use Centre?

Our Technology Re-use Centre is a mobile data destruction service. The Degausser and Data Destroyer completely wipe and destroy a drive in 15 seconds. It is a great way to show the public how quick and easy data destruction can be.

It generates a powerful charge which sends a strong magnetic field through the drive, making data completely unreadable and unrecoverable. It does this by removing the magnetic memory. Once it has cleared the drive, the unit takes a photograph of the serial number, so the client can be assured their data has been destroyed. To finalise the data destruction process, the degausser then physically crushes the drive, providing further assurance the data is completely unrecoverable, paving the way for the final step in which the precious metals and materials can be recovered through the downstream recycling process.

Why do we use the Technology Re-use Centre?

One of the barriers to recycling phones, computers and hard drives, is the uncertainty people have with how their data will be managed or destroyed.

By utilising our Technology Re-use Centre at E-waste events, it can show the general public how securely their data can be destroyed. Allowing them to feel comfortable to bring old tech in for recycling. All of our data destruction techniques are certified to erase ALL data on your devices, so they can be safely recycled or refurbished and re-used.  At Total Green Recycling we also utilise non destructive data wiping, to allow the item to be repaired and re-used. You can read more about it here: Safe and Secure Data Destruction with Total Green Recycling.

Recycle it all, no matter how small

It is our firm hope that this will completely remove any barriers people have for recycling their electronics, allowing us to maximise the precious materials diverted from landfill and the associated environmental and social impacts.

The WEEE forum have been sharing the message “Recycle it all no matter how small” for the recent international e-waste day. The UN estimated that in 2019, over 22 million tonnes of small e-waste were produced worldwide. Small E-waste items are incredibly easy to hoard as they fit into a drawer at home.

“Experts expect roughly 5.3 billion mobile / smartphones will drop out of use this year.

Stacked flat atop one another at an average depth of 9 mm that many disused phones would rise roughly 50,000 km – 120 times higher than the International Space Station; one-eighth of the way to the moon.”

And, despite their valuable gold, copper, silver, palladium and other recyclable components, experts expect a majority will disappear into drawers, closets, cupboards or garages, or be tossed into waste bins bound for landfills or incineration.” – WEEE forum

Anything that can get small electronics out of a drawer at home and either being re-used or recycled is better for the planet.

Contact us to learn more about our Technology Reuse Centre or about hosting an e-waste  event.