WA’s e-waste recycling statistics for January 2019

The beginning of the year has already been busy with tonnes of e-waste being diverted from landfill and recycled in our facility in Kewdale.

Here are our statistics from January. Please let us know in comments below what other data you’d like to see.

Top 5 performing councils in WA

  1. City of Stirling = 55.29 T
  2. City of Busselton = 13.61 T
  3. Shire of Esperance = 9.43 T
  4. Shire of Broome = 8.98 T
  5. Mindarie Regional Council = 8.97 T

Top 5 e-waste recycling councils in WA


















Top 5 performing companies in WA

  1. Canon Australia
  2. Copyworld WA (co-op w Toshiba)
  3. Vodafone Perth
  4. DXC Technology
  5. Compass Group Australia

Top 5 e-waste recycling companies in WA

Well done for keeping all those tonnes of e-waste out of WA’s landfills! 👍

Materials recovered from e-waste

In January 2019 we recovered a total of 173,475 T of materials from e-waste. (See the full breakdown below.)

A bull African bush elephant weighs about 6.10 tonnes. 🐘🐘

So that’s about 28 elephants of materials recovered from e-waste in January 2019.

Materials recovered from e-waste in January 2019

Top 10 items recycled in January

In January we recycled a total of 29,859 items.

As you can see, we still receive a lot of old CRT TVs. 📺

It’s important to dispose of these properly as they contain lead and other hazardous materials which should not go into our landfills. You can learn How to properly dispose of e-waste such as old televisions with leaded glass in one of our recent articles.

Last year we recovered 17,138 kg of lead from 48,068 televisions. ♻️

Top 10 items recycled in January 2019

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