Top 5 E-waste Recycling Regional and Metro Councils in WA

After many years of working with councils across WA to save e-waste from landfill, we wanted to show our appreciation to our customers and highlight some e-waste recycling champions ♻️.

Western Metropolitan Regional Council pose with their awarded print from the Cape to Cape track along WA’s southern coast.

When Total Green Recycling began 14 years ago, e-waste recycling was a barely talked about waste stream. James and Michael, the company founders, were seeing computers on the side of the road and realising the value being thrown away. Bunbury and Busselton were the first councils to begin recycling their e-waste with TGR. Our first year in business saw us recycling 50 Tonnes of e-waste, The City of Stirling then jumped on board, followed by a growing number of councils. Without these councils taking a chance on a new company, the landscape of e-waste recycling in WA would look extremely different.

City of Busselton (left) and City of Bunbury (right) pose with awarded prints.

Last year we recycled over 3000 tonnes of e-waste, which came from over 50 councils, along with a variety of other organisations. Over the 14 years we’ve been running, e-waste recycling has grown quickly, with people wanting to ensure their electronics are recycled correctly.

Last year, the e-waste to landfill ban was announced. By 2024 e-waste will HAVE to be recycled. We wanted to celebrate the many councils who’ve put in so much work to ensure these environmental outcomes before it was legally enforced. Throwing events to make it easier for their constituents, launching programs and educating, to ensure a growing amount of e-waste is recycled each year.

We appreciate every single person and council who thinks to recycle their e-waste.

Top 5 Metro

City of Stirling
Western Metropolitan Regional Council
City of Armadale
City of Mundaring
City of Fremantle

Top 5 Regional
Shire of Cunderdin
Shire of Toodyay
City of Bunbury
City of Busselton
Shire of Collie

Appreciation award
City of Rockingham and Western Australian Local Government Authority

We chose to frame some local Australian landscapes to award, as a reminder of why we all work so hard on these recycling outcomes. Western Australia is a beautiful state, and its environment deserves to be protected.