WA’s e-waste recycling statistics for July 2020

Here are your monthly e-waste statistics brought to you by the largest recycler in Western Australia.

In July we recovered a record amount of e-waste! – 271,576 of kg or materials and recycled 28,803 items. That’s 16 Transperth buses in weight diverted from landfill just this month!

Top 10 performing councils in WA

Congratulations to our TOP e-waste recycling champions in July 2020!

Top 10 performing companies in WA

Top 10 e-waste recycling companies July 2020Materials recovered from e-waste

Overall in July, we recovered 271,576 Kg of materials. That’s 16 Transperth buses of materials recovered and diverted from our landfills.

Materials recovered in July 2020Top 10 items recycled

In July we recycled a total of 28,803 items. Amongst other electronics, 4,025 flat-screen TVs were recycled and diverted from landfill.

Materials recovered in July 2020Top items refurbished and repurposed

In July we refurbished 1,295 items. Unfortunately, a large number of items we receive is still requested to be recycled instead of refurbished. Last month we received a lot of iPads for destruction from schools. These could have been, tested, securely wiped and safely re-used.

Items recovery and recycling rate

2 thoughts on “WA’s e-waste recycling statistics for July 2020

  1. This is great to know, keep up the good work! Interesting that you note that the school ipads could have been reused. I’m wondering what prevented that from happening?

  2. Hi Jill,
    Thank you for your comment.
    Generally, an update of IT Asset Management policy is needed in order to prevent items like this to be recycled or put to landfill. Our latest blogpost explains a bit more about it and has some great news about Blancco secure destruction being now recognised as a good option for governments and large organisations that are usually operating under these outdated policies.
    You can read more here: https://www.totalgreenrecycling.com.au/blancco-data-destruction-now-recognised-as-a-good-option-for-federal-government/

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